STEALTH 316 Technical Information

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Short Notes
Adiabatic Processes
Brake Fluid
Force, Work, and Power - a Review
Fuel Trims
Metric Fastener Tips
A Pressurization Primer
Performance: 0-60 vs 1/4 Mile
Sealing and Bonding Polyolefins

Long Notes
Compressor Flow Maps
Dyna-Batt and Other SLA Batteries

Recommended Reading

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Air and Fuel Flow
Injector Duty Cycle
1/4-Mile ET & MPH vs. HP & WGT Updated 12/31/07
Turbo & IC Outlet Temperature
Unit Converters
Wire Resistance & Voltage Drop

Illustrated Guides
The 3000GT AWD System

Stealth Tech
Diagnostic Connector (1991-1993)
Fuel Injection Control and Fuel Cut
Fuel Injectors
Ignition System (DOHC)
Karman MAS Air Flow Calibration
Production Numbers by Michael Reid
Spark Plugs
Timing Events

W5MG1, W6MG1 AWD Transmission Manual
(2.6 MB pdf file)

1993 3000GT Technical Information Manual
(45.2 MB pdf file - high resolution)

1993 3000GT Technical Information Manual
(12.5 MB pdf file - medium resolution)

1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual
(9 MB pdf file - low resolution)

1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual

1990 Talon Technical Information Manual
(15 MB pdf file)

¼ Mile Performance
Compatibility with 3000GT/Stealth
RPM Fuel Cut
Injector Comparison

Cutaway Illustrations
Stealth TT 1 (65 KB)
Stealth TT 2 (65 KB)
3000GT VR4 1 (74 KB)
3000GT VR4 2 (84 KB)
Engine (54 KB)

Magazine Articles

Motor and Gear Oil
ExxonMobile Technical Data Sheets by MatWeb
Pennzoil Synchromesh
Red Line MTL & MT-90
Red Line Gear Oils
Red Line Synthetic Motor Oils

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