Turbo Outlet Temperature Calculator

See Adiabatic Processes for theory and equations. Fill in appropriate values and click on 'Calculate'.

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Input Temperature F (under-hood temperature)
Input pressure psi (use absolute pressure: -0.5 psi/1000 ft elevation)
Output pressure psi (gauge pressure: usually 1-2 psi more than plenum pressure)
Compressor efficiency % (typically 60-75%)

Output temperature Pressure ratio Density ratio

Intercooler Outlet Temperature and Pressure Calculator

Fill in appropriate values and click on 'Calculate'. Calculating the turbo outlet temperature will assign that value to the IC input temperature and clear the "output" fields. If the turbo outlet DR is not calculated, the IC DR will be 0.

IC input temperature F (Turbo discharge temperature)
IC Efficiency percent (example: enter 80 for 80%)
IC pressure loss psi (greater than or equal to 0)
Ambient temperature F (outside air temperature)

Plenum temperature Overall pressure ratio Overall density ratio

Convert   C to F
Convert   F to C

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