Instructions for rotating the center section
of a Mitsubishi TD05 Turbocharger

by Geoffrey Lehv (Air2001 on
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This method will maintain the correct orientation of the compressor and turbine housings so that the wastegate actuator will fit just as it did before rotation. The procedure is needed for the JAC-Engineering or JPDC TD05 kits or any time that the turbine inlet flange sits on top of the exhaust manifold as is the case when these turbochargers are installed on the rear of a 3000GT/Stealth. The need for performing this procedure stems from the fact that oil return lines on these turbos are gravity fed and need to face downward to work properly.


First and foremost, before starting this process go to SEARS and buy Craftsman Professional Snap Ring Pliers.  They cost about $25 and are the only pair of snap ring pliers that I could find that were beefy enough to handle the compressor housing snap ring on a TD05 turbo.  Other snap ring pliers will surely work, just get really heavy duty ones; you will break the cheap ones quickly. You will also need a Dremel with a very small cylindrically shaped grinding bit, or an angle grinder. You will also need a small rubber hammer or a small hammer with a rag around it and 10mm and 12mm sockets.


1. Remove the wastegate actuator by removing the cotter pin and two 12-mm bolts that attach it to the compressor housing.

2. Remove the clamp between the center section and the turbine housing by removing the 10mm nut and bolt (or equivalent size for other TD05's).

3. Then carefully remove the turbine housing from the center section.  At this time the center section is still connected to the compressor housing, but the turbine housing is completely detached. 

4. Next grind off (with a Dremel or a file) the pin that is extended from the turbine section and fits into a hole in the center section.  It is this pin that will not allow you to rotate the center section with respect to the turbine housing so it must be ground off.  Be careful here not to grind off anything but the pin, because you want this housing to seal when reinstalled. (Note: Another method is to drill another hole for the pin to fit into once the rotation is complete. This method will work, but is somewhat more difficult.)

5. Then put the turbine housing aside and remove the snap ring that holds the center section to the compressor housing.  Once removed, you can rotate the center section of the turbocharger.  Rotate the center section approximately 180 (for the JAC-Engineering or JPDC kit). The picture below may give you a good idea of the rotation angle you want for either of these kits.


6. Next, you will see that where the center section fits to the compressor housing there is a tiny notched section. Once your rotation is complete, use a Dremel or an angle grinder to make a new notch. It is probably a good idea to remove the O-ring on the center section before grinding. Also, be careful not to grind too much or your compressor housing will not seal.

7. At this time it is necessary to put the turbine housing back onto the assembly, leave the snap ring and the clamp off of the turbo.  Place the turbo with the compressor housing facing up.  Then put the wastegate actuator back in place without bolts or cotter pin and rotate the compressor housing accordingly until the holes are aligned and the actuator fits.  At this time draw a line on the outside of the compressor housing and on the center section as well as the turbine housing.  This should align the three sections as they need to be in order for the actuator to fit.

8. Next remove the turbine housing and reinstall the snap ring on the compressor.  This is sometimes difficult so take your time.  It helps to have a friend there to push down on the snap ring (with gloves or a towel) while you hold the pliers tight. Once it snaps in, just you a small rubber hammer or a metal hammer with a rag around it to tap the snap ring in place. Make sure that it is fully seated. Be careful to make sure that the line you made on the compressor and center sections line up.  Then re-install the turbine housing, again make sure the lines you made line up.  Then just reinstall the clamp and wastegate actuator and you are done.  Now if you did this for the JAC-Engineering of JPDC kit your oil return line on your rear turbo will be facing down as it should be.

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