1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual

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One of the rarest books concerning the Dodge Stealth (and Mitsubishi 3000GT) is the 1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual (TIM). This manual was prepared by Chrysler (part number 81-699-0114) as an introduction to the specifications, features, construction, and function for this new (at the time) Mitsubishi-built Dodge high peformance car. I am not aware of a Mitsubishi version of this manual. The Stealth TIM depends partly on information available in the 1990 Laser/Talon TIM (for the 4G63 engine) and on technical information for the 6G72 SOHC engine installed in a multitude of Chrysler cars since 1988. Each of the 283 manual pages is presented as a 730 x 1000-pixel GIF image that varies in storage size from 7 to 54 KB. Total disk storage is about 7.6 MB.

1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual
Chapter Section Topic Page
Front material   Cover, caution, TOC, how-to, tool source  i, ii, iii, iv, v
General Contents   0-1
Technical Features Exterior 0-2
Interior 0-3
Engine 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 0-7
Transaxle 0-8
Active exhaust, clutch booster 0-9
Chassis AWD 0-10, 0-11
Chassis FWD 0-12, 0-13
Supplemental restrain system 0-14
Air Conditioner 0-15
Theft alarm ystem 0-16
Vehicle Identification   0-17, 0-18, 0-19, 0-20
General Data & Specifications   0-21, 0-22
Front Suspension Contents   2-1
General Information Features, specifications 2-2, 2-3
Front Axle Specifications, construction 2-4
Electronic control suspension Structure diagram 2-5
Main parts & functions, block dagram 2-6
Specifications 2-7
Features: each mode, each control 2-8
Sensors: steering wheel angular velocity,
G, speed, throttle, brake, position
2-9, 2-10
Actuator 2-11
shock absorber 2-12, 2-13
ECS control unit 2-14
Functions explained 2-15, 2-16
Fail safe and diagnostic codes 2-17
Rear Axle Contents   3-1
General Information Construction, specifications 3-2
Axle shaft, Drive shaft   3-3
Differential, Viscous coupling LSD   3-4
Differential support   3-5
Brakes Contents   5-1
General Information Features 5-2
Service brakes Specifications 5-3
Front disc, rear disc 5-4, 5-5
Anti-lock braking (ABS) - FWD Introduction, structure, parts, functions 5-6
System diagram 5-7
System circuit diagram 5-8
Hydraulic pressure function 5-9
Sensor: wheel speed 5-10
Actuator: hydraulic unit,
solenoid valve, plunger valve
Actator: operation 5-12, 5-13
Actuator: reservior, pump motor 5-14
ABS Electronic control unit 5-15, 5-16, 5-17
System operation 5-18, 5-19, 5-20, 5-21
Anti-lock braking (ABS) - AWD Introduction, sensors, functions 5-22
System drawing 5-23
Electric diagram 5-24
Function drawing 5-25
Sensor: wheel speed 5-26
Actuator: hydraulic unit 5-26
Actuator: select-low valve 5-27, 5-28
ABS electronic control unit 5-29
Brake fluid control 5-30, 5-31
Parking brake   5-32
Clutch Contents   6-1
General Information Specifications 6-2
Clutch control FWD, AWD 6-3
Pedal (FWD), booster (AWD) 6-4
Cooling Contents   7-1
General Information Coolant flow 7-2, 7-3
Radiator & cooling fan (SOHC) Specifications, construction 7-4, 7-5
Radiator & cooling fan (DOHC) Specifications, construction 7-5, 7-6
Electrical Contents   8-1
General Information Features 8-2
Wiring harness Structural diagram 8-3
Diagnosis system Diagnosis connector 8-4
Engine electrical Ignition system, battery 8-5
Lighting General information, specifications 8-6
Structural diagram, headlight 8-7, 8-8, 8-9, 8-10, 8-11
Optical horn lens, engine compartment light 8-12
Meters and gauges Combination meter, combination gauge 8-13
Vehicle speed sensor 8-14
Electric type speedometer 8-15, 8-16
Wiper and washer Structural diagram 8-17
Audio system Structural diagram 8-18
Remote control, acc. socket 8-19
ETACS Summary of functions 8-20, 8-21
Parts and function related 8-22
Input inspection functions 8-23
Door lock with key in ignition 8-24, 8-25
Defogger timer 8-26
Power window & seat belt tension timers 8-27
Dimmer dome light 8-28
Seat belt warning buzzer 8-29
Wipers 8-30
Theft-alarm system Operation 8-31, 8-32
Engine Contents   9-1
General Information Specifications 9-2
Sectional views 9-3
Base engine (DOHC) Cylinder head 9-4
Cylinder block 9-5, 9-6
Valves and timing belt 9-6, 9-7
Mounting Structure diagram 9-8
Intake and Exhaust Contents   11-1
Variable induction control (SOHC)   11-2
Turbos, intercoolers, pressure control   11-3
Exhaust pipe   11-4
Active exhaust   11-5
Fuel System Contents   14-1
General Improvements, block diagrams 14-2, 14-3, 14-4, 14-5
Control unit Communication with A/T, ABS 14-6
Sensors Air flow 14-7, 14-8
Detonation, induction control valve 14-9
Muffler mode, O2, power transistor 14-10
Actuators Ignition coil 14-11
Fuel: injector, pump relay, pump resistor 14-12
Var. induction, active exhaust 14-13
Fuel injection control Configuration diagram 14-14
Idle speed control Configuration diagram 14-15
With ABS, mechanical dashpot (turbo) 14-16
Control of ignition timing and current flow System configuration, ignition distribution 14-17, 14-18
Engine, transaxle (automatic) 14-19
Power supply and fuel Pump discharge volume, fuel pressure, MAS reset 14-20
Turbo pressure control Diagrams, solenoid operation 14-21, 14-22
Air conditioning   14-23
Variable induction control   14-24, 14-25
Active exhaust (turbo)   14-25, 14-26
Self-diagnosis system   14-26, 14-27
Fuel supply Construction diagram, fuel tank 14-28
Accelerator components Construction diagram 14-29
Cruise control system Block diagram 14-30
Components and functions 14-31
Structure diagram, control unit 14-32
Logic and block diagram 14-33
Operational functions 14-34
Fail-safe functions, overdrive release 14-35
Self-diagnosis and input checks 14-35, 14-36
Actuator, vacuum pump 14-37
Actuator operation modes 14-38
Intermediate link structure 14-39
Sensors: speed, throttle position, idle 14-40
Switches, operation 14-41, 14-42
Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints Contents   16-1
Propeller shaft Specification, construction diagram 16-2
Rear Suspension Contents   17-1
Rear suspension (FWD) Features, construction diagrams 17-2
Specifications, crossmember, trailing arm 17-3
Upper arm, lower arm, toe control, stabilizer bar 17-4
Rear hub 17-5
Rear suspension (AWD) Features, construction diagrams 17-6
Specifications, crossmember 17-7
Power Steering Contents   19A-1
General information Specifications, construction diagrams 19A-2
Steering wheel and column Construction 19A-3
Tilt steering construction & operation 19A-4
Shock absorbing structure 19A-5
Oil pump Performance 19A-6
4-Wheel Steering (4WS) System Contents   19B-1
General information Functions, features 19B-2
Specifications, construction 19B-3, 19B-4
Basic principles Generating effect mechanism 19B-5, 19B-6, 19B-7
Effects Lane changes 19B-8, 19B-9
Operation System construction 19B-10
System operation 19B-11, 19B-12
Components Steering gear and linkage 19B-12
Power steering oil pump 19B-13
Oil reservoir 19B-14
Rear wheel steering oil pump 19B-15
Oil pump performance 19B-16
Control valve   19B-16
Construction and operation 19B-17
Power cylinder   19B-18
Transaxle Contents   21-1
Manual transaxle (FWD) General information, Specifications 21-2
Sectional view 21-3
Transaxle control 21-4
Manual transaxle (AWD) General information, specifications 21-5
Sectional view 21-6
W5MG1 4WD transaxle, planetary gear center diff. 21-7, 21-8
Double-cone synchronizer 21-9, 21-10
Automatic transaxle General information, specifications 21-11
Sectional view 21-12
Transaxle control 21-13
Safety lock system 21-14, 21-15, 21-16, 21-17
Shift lock release mechanism 21-17
Torque converter, case, parking mechanism 21-18
Power train 21-19, 21-20
Pressure test port, dipstick, oil pump 21-20
Hydraulic and electronic control 21-21, 21-22, 21-23, 21-24, 21-25
Transaxle control unit 21-26
Pulse generator, oil temp sensor, inhibitor switch, kick-down servo 21-27
Diagnosis function chart 21-28
Wheels and Tires Contents   22-1
Specifications   22-2
Body Contents   23A-1
Main body Body paneling 23A-2
headlight support, dash panel, rear end panel 23A-3
Front floor, door 23A-4
Paint: specifications, 3-coat high-luster coating 23A-5
Paint: tinted pearl, 3-coat pearl tone paint 23A-6
Air pressure noise reduction Flush surface 23A-7
Full glass hatch 23A-8
Doors Door panel 23A-8
Door lock and operation 23A-9, 23A-10
Window glass regulator, power window 23A-11
Engine hood, liftgate, window glass   23A-12
Bumpers   23A-13
Door mirrors Heating mechanism 23A-14
Aero parts   23A-15
Summary of interior parts Features 23A-16
Instrument panel and cosole box, shelf cover General information 23A-17
Seats General information, structure diagram 23A-18
Electrical circuit 23A-19
Seat construction and operation 23A-20, 23A-21, 23A-22, 23A-23, 23A-24
Seat belt General information, construction and operation 23A-25, 23A-26, 23A-27, 23A-28
Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Contents   23B-1
Design and operation   23B-2
Heaters and Air Conditioning Contents   24-1
General information Features, specifications 24-2
Components 24-3, 24-4
Small amount refrigerant system Receiver, refrigerant line, compressor, condenser 24-5
Heater unit, AC control panel   24-6
Compressor control Control when compressor locks (DOHC) 24-7
Manual AC 24-8
Full automatic AC 24-9
Condenser fan and radiator fan control Operation mode 24-10
Refrigerant line, self-diagnosis function   24-11
Emission control systems Contents   25-1
General information Front catalysts 25-2

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