Stealth 316 Engine Rebuild Costs

by Jeff Lucius

The cost of some of these parts seems a little low. I am not sure what deals the mechanic worked out to get them. These are the numbers that were on my invoice. Parts are from Mitsubishi unless otherwise noted.

Stealth 316 Engine Rebuild Costs
Block parts:  $1924
$137 bolts and tensioner
$36 screen
$211 oil pump
$100 main and rod bearings (Clevite)
$1000 Venolia forged aluminum pistons and pins (750), rings (220), and shipping
$440 crank core and rods (used VR4 with 17K miles)
Block Labor:  $947
$115 machine crankshaft
$100 bore, hone, debur block
$30 boil block
$150 balance rods, pistons, crank
$30 press old pistons off and new ones on
$350 build engine assembly
$100 blueprinting
$72 re-cut rod small ends for new pins
Heads parts:  $940
$288 all valves
$484 camshafts
$128 roller rocker arms
$40 valve seals
Heads labor:  $1038
$300 heads - bead blast,magnaflux,replace guides, grind seats
$200 heads flow work
$203 heat-mill
$35 cut for more depth on seals
$200 manifold flow work
$100 blueprinting
Total for basic engine:  $4849
~$1300 Miscellaneous parts like belts, water pump, thermostat,
oil pressure switch, knock sensor and bracket, woodruff
key, gaskets, plugs, nuts and bolts, etc.
$3200 Labor to R&R engine and tranny together through bottom of car
Grand total:  ~$9350

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