Rear Compartment Trim Panel Removal
on the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth

by Jeff Lucius


Removal of the trim panels and storage bins in the rear storage compartment provides access to several important components of the car:
The only tools needed are #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers and 1/8" slotted screwdriver. I use plastic storage containers or bags to keep all the little parts sorted and not lost. All pictures are placed near the end of this note.


Before you begin, remove the retractable privacy cover from its brackets and fold down the rear seat backs.

1. Carpet. Remove the 2 push-in grommets that attach the carpet to the body behind the rear seats and remove the carpet. A flat-head screwdriver can help with the carpet grommets if you can't pull them out by hand.

2. Floor cover. Remove the 4 Phillips-head screws that attach the floor cover mounting brackets to the body and remove the cover.

3. Spare tire and storage bins. Remove the spare tire and the two storage bins.

4. Rear trim. Remove the small plastic plugs from the top of the rear trim with your fingernail or small flat-head screwdriver. Remove the two upper access lids. Remove all the screws: 4 brass screws on top, 2 large black screws on the base, 2 small black screws on the vertical surface, and the 4 brass screws located under the access lids. Pull the panel away from the car. There is a clip in the lower middle of the panel; just pull out on the panel from the bottom.

5. Side trims. You can take either side panel off first. I'll describe the procedure for the left (driver's-side) panel in detail. Remove the bracket for the retractable cover. You can remove the access panel to the rear shock or leave it on; if it is off it may be easier to re-install the panel. Remove the 2 large black bolts that hold the cover over the rear seat back latch and the one smaller black bolt below these. Remove the two plastic plugs near the top of the panel and the two black screws beneath them. Remove the 2 small black screws on the base of the panel (one is in the raised part of the cross-brace). Start working the panel loose at the back. There is one clip near top; just pull out on the panel. Work your way forward pulling the bottom out then bending the panel out around rear hatch shock mount while sliding the front back and out from under the quarter trim. The operations are similar for the right side panel except after you pull out the back of the panel a little you need to disconnect the compartment light electrical connection. There is no need to take the light's plastic cover off.


For installation, just reverse the steps above. For the side panels, start at the front and work your way back. Be sure to re-connect the compartment light electrical connection.

Service manual pages for rear trim

Carpet grommets

Rear compartment floor cover hinges

Spare tire and bins in the rear storage compartment

Left side trim panel

Small access cover near front of left side panel

Left side trim panel partly removed

Left and rear trim panels removed

Right and rear trim panels removed

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