Guide to K&N Air Filters for the 3000GT/Stealth

by Jeff Lucius

K&N air filters work very well on our 3000GT and Stealth cars. The pressure loss across the filter is less than across the stock setup so that the engine breathes easier - that means better power across the RPM range (if not more peak power). There are three models that will work easily on our cars. All models can be washed and re-oiled for extremely long life.

K&N Air Filter (part #33-2045) - This is a direct replacement for the factory "box-shaped" air filter utilizing K&N's Filtercharger® technology. The stock air box and funnel remain in place.

K&N Aircharger (part #63-1000) - Made for the 95-99 DSM Turbo but fits all 3S factory MAS units. It has a bolt in the end cover and a bracket for your (optional) fabricated mounting to the fender. It is about 1 inch longer than the FIPK, and replaces the stock air box and funnel using an adapter to connect to the MAS. K&N notes that Aircharger Kits are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

K&N FIPK (part #57-1500) - (Filtercharger Injection Performance Kit) Made for all year 3S cars, it has 2 brackets made for the 3S with no weird bolt sticking out of the end cover. It is a bit shorter than the Aircharger. It may have a CARB sticker. It replaces the stock air box and funnel using an adapter to connect to the MAS.

K&N Filtercharger and FIPK

K&N and stock air cleaners

K&N FIPK and Aircharger

K&N Aircharger

To remove the stock air cleaner cover from the MAS:

1) Remove the cover and MAS together by unclamping the top air cleaner cover from the bottom cover and unclamping the MAS from air intake hose. The Y-pipe may have to be removed first for turbocharged engines. Be sure to unplug the MAS electrical connector (and plug it back in when done!).

2) Now unbolt the cover from the MAS using pliers or a wrench on the bolt "heads" pictures below.

inside the stock air cleaner top cover

Mounting brackets for FIPK

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