Glovebox Removal
on the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth

by Jeff Lucius


Remove the glovebox stops with a string as shown in the pictures below. Be sure you close the glovebox a little when pulling on the string to release the stop. Let the glove box open all the way (you can support it with your feet) and remove the two screws on the cross bar. Set the glovebox aside. Remove the striker (note that it bends outward). Now remove the two, 1-3/8", 10-mm bolts near the striker, the two screws in the upper two corners of the cross pipe cover, and the two, 1-1/4", 10-mm bolts in the lower two corners. Pull out the cover a little and remove the light bulb connector by rotating it. Set the cover aside.

Glovebox - wrap string around stop  Glovebox - close cover a little, pull on string
Glovebox - pull stop out by hand  Glovebox - stops
Glovebox - cover open
Glovebox - pipe cover


Insert the plastic cross pipe cover part way and install the light socket (twist to secure). Push the cover all the way on. Add the bolts to the lower two corners but do not completely tighten them. Partially insert the two screws near the upper corners. Add the bolts near the striker and now tighten all bolts and screws. Add the striker (it bends out). Bolt the glovebox to the cross bar. Insert the stops with the door part closed by squeezing the spring clamps on the stop. Open the glovebox all the way to set the stops.

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