Front-Mount Oil Cooler

by Todd Thomas (UTRacerX9) and Jeff Lucius
(Web page design and editing by Jeff Lucius)

The main reason to move the oil cooler from the stock location behind the left intercooler to in front of the AC condenser and radiator is to make room for larger side-mount intercoolers. The secondary reason is to perhaps improve the cooling ability of the oil cooler. While these tips and pictures are for moving the stock oil cooler, they could also be used to install an aftermarket oil cooler. Please read all of these tips before beginning this project, and plan ahead for parts.

Erik Gross also has an excellent guide for installing an aftermarket front-mount oil cool at his web page

Todd Thomas's Tips


I used the Aeroquip FMC4033 90 swivel seal fittings to connect the the two hose lines to the oil cooler and oil filter assembly. However, knowing what I do now, I would probably choose to go with two Earl's low profile swivel seal fittings to attach to the oil cooler, seeing as how it is a tight fit and they are much more compact. Note that these low-profile fitting would not work by the oil filter.

I used a 1 inch U bolt to mount the upper part of the oil cooler to the stock bar that the horns mount to. It is necessary to notch the oil cooler in a few places, as shown in the pics, and also to bend down the lower tab to bolt it to the frame for the lower mounting point.

The bottom side mount was a clothesline hook that I bent slightly to make it a 180 degree hook, which can also anchor to the same bar as the top U bolt does. The hook bolts directly to the side tab of the oil cooler with no modifcation needed.

The last pic is what started this whole project, fitting some DSM intercoolers. Oddly enough, the mounting points for the driver's side intercooler are the exact same as on a DSM, you just need to cut and reweld the piping. Hope you enjoy.

oil cooler and some supplies notching the oil cooler notching the oil cooler fittings near the oil filter fittings near the oil filter fittings near the oil cooler routing the hoses oil cooler behind power steering lines oil cooler and u-bolt mount oil cooler and clothesline hook mount DSM side mount intercooler

Jeff Lucius's Tips


You can buy AN fittings at the stores below either online or by phone. Shop around to compare prices and be sure to check on availability. Look in your local Yellow Pages under "Auto Peformance ..." for local shops that carry Earl's or Aeroquip fittings. That is how I found Motorsports Supply (listed below). Their prices are similar to or less than the lowest online prices and they are in the Denver, CO metro area where I live. They will ship anywhere in the USA.

       Summit Racing     Aeroquip, Earl's, Russell
       Fluid Systems Engineering     Earl's
       Pit Stop USA     Earl's
       Earl's Performance Products     Earl's
       Jeg's High Performance     Aeroquip, Earl's, Russell
       Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies     NA
       American Street Rod     Earl's
       Tognotti's Auto World     Earl's
       Behrent's Performance Warehouse     Earl's     Earl's     Earl's
       Baker Precision     Aeroquip
       Stock Car Products     Aeroquip
       The Race Depot     Aeroquip
       Racer Parts Wholesale     Aeroquip
       Martel Brothers Performance     Aeroquip, Russell

      Motorsports Supply, 7200 E.54th Place, Commerce City, CO 80022 (phone: 303-287-1731, 1-800-288-5202)

The mechanic that rebuilt my engine moved my oil cooler for me. He re-used the stock lines. I can say that you will want to remove the front bumper in order to mount the oil cooler behind the power steering cooling lines and in front of the AC condenser and coolant radiator. The details of the front bumper removal depend on the year and model of your car. Generally you perform the following tasks, but please refer to your service manual for the details for your particular model. Place the front end of the car on jack stands and remove the front wheels. Remove some or all of the front undercover panels, including those covering the active aero system if your car has that. Remove the splash shield inside the fender in front of the wheel. Remove the fog lights. Remove the license plate bracket. Remove the combination lights, and for 1994 and newer models remove the headlights. Remove the nuts and bolts attaching the front bumper and slide the bumper cover off the car.

front mount oil cooler

front mount oil cooler

front mount oil cooler

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