Access Hole Through Dash

by Jeff Lucius

Mitsubishi calls the firewall the "dash panel" and the dash the "instrument panel". Here, dash means the what we normally would call the firewall. The opening on the driver's side has a grommet or rubber plug covering it and no wires running through it from the factory. Removing the rear IC pipe can make access easier to the one on the driver's side. The access on the passenger's side has a wiring harness though it with a rubber boot covering the opening. Pull the rubber boot away from the firewall to see the plastic grommet protecting the harness. Remove the battery and the undercover beneath the glove box for easier access to the one on the passenger's side.

Dash panel access - manual pic

Dash panel access - inside

Dash panel access - engine bay driver's side

Dash panel access - engine bay passenger's side

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