Combination Gauges Removal
on the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth

by Jeff Lucius


The combination gauges are the three gauges in the middle of the dash. The dash (or instrument panel) must be removed to remove the combination gauges. I have instructions for this at 2-dashpanel.htm. Set the dash on some carpet or other surface that will not scratch the dash cover.


1. Ventilator defroster duct. This piece may not have to be removed. I already had it off to repair the defroster garnishes. There is a #2 Phillips screw at each end of the defroster duct and two #2 Phillips screws in the middle. The one that is "underneath" and screws into the duct you are removing is the longer one of the set.

Ventilator duct - right side  Ventilator duct - left side
Ventilator duct - center
Ventilator duct - back

Ventilator duct - front

2. Ventilator center distribution duct. Remove the two screws attaching the center distribution duct. If you did not remove the defroster duct, then remove the screw that attaches the center distribution duct to the defroster duct. Remove the center distribution duct. In the picture below, the binder clips you see in the defroster vent openings are part of a repair procedure for the dash around the openings (2-defrgarnish.htm).

Back of dash - ventilator center distribution duct

3. Combination gauges. Remove the two wiring harness screws directly above the combination gauges. Disconnect the gauges' electrical connector. Remove the four screws attaching the gauges to the dash and remove the gauges.

combination guages in back of dash

Combination gauges removed from dash 1

Combination gauges removed from dash 2

Combination gauges removed from dash 3

Combination gauges removed from dash 4

Combination gauges removed from dash 5

Back of dash with gauges off


Combination gauges disassembly


For installation, just reverse the steps above.

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