Battery and Washer Tank Removal
on the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth

by Jeff Lucius


The tools needed are the common ones that should be found in your in-car tool bag: screwdrivers; 10-mm and 12-mm sockets with extensions and wrench; and pliers. Make sure you have any security codes that may be required for devices such as the radio that will be affected by disconnecting the battery.


1. Battery, tray, and washer tank. Disconnect the negative battery terminal first (always!). Then disconnect the positive terminal. Both are 10-mm nuts on the stock connectors. Remove the hold-down bar (10-mm nuts again). Lift the battery out of the car. Remove the four 12-mm bolts near the corners of the tray. Disconnect the washer electrical connector and fluid hose near the passenger's-side strut tower. See the pictures below. Lift the battery tray and washer tank out part way and disconnect the washer pump electrical connector (see picture). Remove the tray and washer tank from the car. Keep the washer fluid hose high to avoid spills. Clean your hands and tools if you suspect battery acid got on them.


Follow the removal instructions in reverse and be sure to connect the negative battery terminal up last.

Washer hose and electrical connector connected

Washer hose and electrical connector disconnected

washer pump

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