ATR Exhaust System

ATR exhaust It appears that ATR the company is out of business (since early 2004).
I leave this contact information here for the curious (12/16/2007).
Applied Technologies & Research, Inc.
The Power Brokersä
17040 S. Hwy 11
Fair Play, SC 29643

Pipe Inside Diameters
Component ATR Stock
Downpipe 2.3" front/top
2.875" rear
1.95" front/top
2.415" rear
Main cat 3.035" 2.37"
Exhaust pipes 2.88" 2.84"
Wall thickness 0.065" 0.065"
Component ATR Stock
Downpipe 10 lb. 15 lb.
Main cat 5 lb 15 lb
Test pipe 2 lb -
Cat-back 56 lb 54 lb

To see a copy of the 1999 ATR catalog page for the 3000GT VR4 (92K bytes).
(Magazine advertisement)   (Pictures of components)   (Pictures of exhaust on my car)


The biggest advantage of the ATR over the stock exhaust system is increased flow, ATR claims no other system flows more air. However, the extra flow does not seem to be really needed until the engine is producing over 400 HP, which means larger injectors and turbos. The only weight savings is up front (where we need it) in the downpipe and catalytic converter. I wouldn't consider the swaged fittings a plus except that they allow a little mounting flexibility. The overall quality is superb; all mounting points are just where they are supposed to be; everything needed is in the kit, except for new downpipe gaskets. You will need three MB687002 gaskets, plus one MB687004 gasket for the front of the stock cat if you are still using it. Certain brackets and bushings need to be re-used from the stock setup. I like the looks of the large single tips over the stock dual tips. The sound is delightful .

Installation notes:

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