A-Pillar Wind Noise and Glass Rattle

by Ted Badiuk
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[Editor note: These tips are from a post made by Ted to the 3SI.org message board http://www.3si.org/forum/showthread.php?t=275587. Here are instructions for removing the door panel: 2-door-panel.htm. ]

HOWTO INFO: Stop window wind noise and glass from rattling

A lot of the A-pillar wind noise, and the light window glass rattle going over bumps, is caused by the top middle glass stopper being improperly set. This is the adjustable stopper near the middle of the door, at the top, that can be adjusted with a 14mm (or was it 12mm?) socket and can be turned so that it pushes outward a certain amount on the glass when it's all the way up. If it's too far out, then the glass doesn't seal tightly by the a-pillar. If it's too far in, then the glass is loose and rattles a lot.

Here is the perfect method for adjusting this stopper:

1) Put window all the way down.

2) Remove door panel.

3) Remove door panel window switch assembly mechanism from door panel.

4) Plug switch assembly pack into harness in door panel. This allows you to raise/lower the window with the panel off.

5) Loosen stop so it is very slack.

6) Get in car, close door, raise window. The glass will now be in the perfect spot.

7) Adjust stopper so that it is pressing tightly against the glass. Tighten it up good and tight. While you're at it, you may want to fiddle with the other top stopper near the door handle side (at the top as well) of the door. I moved mine as forward as possible to also support the glass.

In the picture below, circled is the stopper itself. The pic is taken from outside the car looking in.

stopper is circled

This picture shows the door from the inside, the circle with the arrow pointing to it is where the bolt for the stopper is.

stopper bolt is circled

8) Lower window, open door to get out of car then remove switch assembly from harness and install back into the door panel.

9) Replace door panel.

That's it! I know this is sort of obvious in a way. However I myself (and others I've talked to) always seem to use the method of adjusting (or trying to) the glass with the door open, then putting everything back together, then doing a test drive hoping we lucked out and set it properly. The trick here is to loosen the stopper, close the door, roll the window all the way up and then tighten the stopper and not try to do the adustments with the door open.


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