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I have gathered hundreds of files that I hope provide you with some interesting information regarding cars and products associated with cars. There are over 900 MB of information. Links to these folders are below.

      misc - There are over 200 files here. Note that the files can be sorted by clicking on the title of a column. The sub-folders below can be reached also through the "misc" folder.
           duracell_battery_tech - primary battery technical information from Duracell.
           exide_battery_tech - this is some great car battery technical information from Exide.
           mitsu_caps_blank - a folder where each file for CAPS v. 3.41 can be downloaded individually.
           mitsu_caps_old - a folder where each file for CAPS v. 2.66 can be downloaded individually.
           production_data - these are the data files Michael Reed used to produce the production information for our cars.
           stainless_steel - information about stainless steel.
           toyota_tech_papers - a collection of technical papers produced by Toyota; very interesting information.
           wells_car_stuff - these are PDF reprints of Wells newsletters; this is general car information.

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