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Upgrade Guides
Fuel Pump
K&N Air Filter

Step-by-Step Instructions
A'PEXi S-AFCII Adjustment
A'PEXi S-AFCII Installation
ARM1 A/F Meter
ARC2 Wiring Diagram
ATR Exhaust Updated 12/16/07
AutoMeter 3373 2-Channel IAT Gauge
Battery Move to Rear Compartment
Clutch Vacuum Pipe A Modification
Fuel Filter Upgrade
Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade
Fuel Pressure Sensor (AutoMeter 3363)
Fuel Rail Adapter Kit (EK2MFG)
Fuel Supply Line in Engine Bay
Fuel Pump Re-Wire
Fuel Pump Relay/Resistor Bypass
Fuel Pump Voltage Measurement
Front-Mount Oil Cooler (with Todd Thomas)
EVC IV Instructions for 3S
Ground Control Spring Kit
Horns (FIAMM)
Ignition Wires (MSD)
Intake Pipes (DNP)
Intake Pressure Tester
Krank Vent PCV Valves
Power Inverter (Samlex)
Scanmaster 3
Short Throw Shifter (3KGT)
Sony CDX-M800 Receiver
Speakers (Infinity Kappa)
Speakers (JBL GTO220)
Strut Bar (Cusco)
Wiring Tips - Power, Lights, & Ground

A-Pillar Cover
AC Compressor
Alternator (DOHC)
Alternator Drive Belt (DOHC)
Alternator Rebuild (DOHC)
Antenna Pole
Battery and Washer Tank
Buzzer Disconnect
CAS DOHC 1991-1992
Clutch & Transaxle
Clutch Hose
Clutch Hydraulic Line Bleeding
Combination Gauges
Defroster Garnish
Door Trim Panel
Drivetrain Oil Change - AWD
ECM/ECU Removal and Inspection
Floor Console
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pump
Ignition Coils
Ignition Timing
Ignition Power Transistor Unit
Instrument Panel
Oil Pan
Oxygen Sensors
Passenger Seat
PS Pump Drive Belt (DOHC)
Quarter Trim Panel
Rear Bumper
Rear Storage Trim Panels
Shocks and Struts
Side Air Dam
Spark Plugs
Speedometer Gear
Wheel Hub Bolt (AWD, front)

2-Bolt to 4-Bolt Block
4WS to 2WS by Joe Gonsowski
5-Speed to 6-Speed Drivetrain
CAS Conversion
Engine Swap (6G74) by John Monnin
Engine Swap (94TT into 92TT) by Erick Van De Burg
Engine Swap (JDM) by Greg McIntyre

Tips & Tech
AC Troubleshooting
Access Holes Through Dash
ARC2 80-mm MAS
ARC2 87-mm MAS
ARC2 87-mm vs. 80-mm MASs
ARC2 Tuning Using the ARM1
AWD Dynos - Locations Updated 2/27/07
AWD Transmission Manual (2.7 MB pdf file)
BOV - Stock & GReddy Type-S
Check Connectors
Clutch Not Disengaging Problem by Max Taylor
Compressor Flow Maps
Cylinder Head and Timing Train
Diagnostic Connector (1991-1993)
Diagnostic Codes - Reading (1991-1993)
Dyna-Batt and Other SLA Batteries
ECM/ECU Connector (all years)
EGT Pyrometers
Engine Break-In
Exide Select Orbital SLA Battery
Free Boost Mod (1991-1993)
Fuel Injection Control and Fuel Cut
Fuel Injectors
Ignition System (DOHC)
Insulated Crimp Terminals
Intake Pipes - DN Performance
Intercoolers - Cartech/HKS/DSM
Lifting and Jacking Support Locations
Metric Fastener Tips
Multi-Purpose Fuse
Odyssey PC 925 SLA Battery
Oil Pressure Sensor Locations
Paint Restoration - An Amateur's Guide
Pirelli P Zero Rosso Tires
Spark Plug Common Conditions
Spark Plug Tech
Spark Plug Cross Reference
SSR GT1 Wheels
Stereo Connectors
Synthetic-Resin Parts Locations
Throttle Body & FIAV
Timing Events
Tire Rotation
Venolia Forged Piston Info
Venolia Forged Piston Info by W.J. Crabtree

15G Turbos
ARC2 Kit
AutoPhysics Air Filter
Caliper Painting
Coolant Temperature Sensor Locations
Cylinder Heads
Dyna-Batt in Engine Bay
ECM Motherboard (1992 TT)
Engine & Transaxle ID Locations
Exhaust Manifolds
Fuel Injectors - Stock 360 cc/min
Fuel Injectors - Stock & Denso 550
Fuel Injector Calibration Report - RC Eng.
Fuel Pump Assemblies
Ignition Timing Adjusting Terminal
Intake Manifold
Oxygen Sensor Connector Locations
Oxygen Sensor Temperature Dependence
PCV Location for SOHC & DOHC
Ported Intake Manifold
PowerStop Rotors
Shift Lever Assembly, W5MG1
SMC SS Brake Lines
Speed Bleeders
Triple A-pillar Gauge Pods
Triple Plenum Tap
Vacuum Hose Diagram for Turbo Models

Parts Guides
Installing and Using CAPS Updated 2/28/07
MOTOR '91-'99 3000GT
Mitchell '91-'96 Stealth

Other Sites 0 Repairs and Mods
 3000GT SOHC modifications: Michael Edge
 60K Service (DOHC): Rich LeRoy
 60K Service: Alex Pedenko
 6G72 SOHC Engine Info: Kanda Allied
 6G74 engine swap: John Monnin
 4WS to 2WS: Joe Gonsowski
 Accel GM coils install: Allan Bautista
 Accelerator cable adjustment: Erik Gross
 A/F gauge install: Bob Melton
 Alcohol injection: David Jimenez
 A'PEXi Manuals: A'PEXi
 A'PEXi Super-AFC install: Bob Melton
 A-Pillar wind noise and glass rattle fix: Ted Badiuk
 The Art of Automotive Repair: SJM Auto-Technik
 Audio FAQ: Erik Petterson
 Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins: ALLDATA
New! 11/18/07   Auto Detailing Training: Dink King
 Auto Repair Manuals:
 AutoPal headlights, custom exhaust, Intrax springs, shift boot: Phil Nguyenn
 AVC-R install: Allan Bautista
 Big Red brake caliper install: Darren Schilberg and Steve Lasher
 Blitz Power Meter i-D: Espen
 Boost logging: Bob Melton
 Blitz DSBC, Borla exhaust, A'PEXi S-AFC, white lighting parts, Bremsa brakes: Roger Gerl
 Blitz DSBC User manual: Roger Gerl
 BOV - DSM 1G modification: Donovan's Dodge Garage
 BOV - DSM Installation: Antoni Koziol
 BOV - GReddy adjustment Road///Race Engineering
 BOV - Type-S single spring mod Evo Motorsports
 Brake pad BBQ treatment: Team3S
 Brake rotor and pad replacement: Jeremy Gleason
 Brake rotor and pad replacement, Speed Bleeders: Erik Gross
New! 11/18/07   Car care encyclopedia: Auto Zone
 Car care how-to articles: Car Care Specialties
 Carrier bearing replacement: Antoni Koziol
 Center gauges removal: Keith Johnson
 Click-start fix: Erik Gross
 Clock spring replacement: Antoni Koziol
 Clutch and manual trany troubleshooting: iCARumba
 Clutch slave cylinder replacement: Antoni Koziol
 Coolant temp sensor install: Erik Gross
 Crankshaft - 2-bolt to 4-bolt: John Monnin
 Cylinder compression test: Erik Gross
 Dash removal: Dave Black
 Door panel removal: Allan Bautista
 Downpipe installation (Stillen): Erik Gross
 Downpipe installation (TySpeed): Erik Gross
 ECM capacitor replacement (DSM): TechnoMotive
 ECU part numbers: John Monnin
 ECU repair: John Monnin
 Engine 4-bolt main swap: John Monnin
 Engine pics 1994 TT on stand: Erik Gross
 Engine removal: John Adams
 Engine swap (JDM): Greg McIntyre
 Exhaust install on an SL: Chris Reynolds
 FAQs (lots of stuff here): Andrew Caple
 Fog lights with parking lights: John Moore
 Front anti-sway bar install (Saner): Erik Gross
 Front end ('99) conversion: Mark Hindelang
 Front-mount oil cooler: Erik Gross
 Fuel pressure regulator install (DSM): Tom Stangle
 Fuel pressure sensor install: Erik Gross
 Fuel pump cutoff switch: Paul Prentis
 Fuel pump hot wire: Bryan Rogers
 Fuel pump re-wire: Erik Gross
 Fuel filter replacement: Erik Gross
 Gauge faces, free!!!!: M Pro
 Ground Control install, alarm install: Dennis Bretton
 GTO service adjustment procedures: Kevin Clark
 Guide to using Meguiar's products: Thomas Nast
 HKS installation manuals: HKS Europe
 Horn button, antenna mast, trany stuff: Dave Monarch
 Intake pressure tester: Erik Gross
 Intercoolers - a collection of pics: ???
 Intercoolers - HKS side-mounts: Erik Gross
 Interior bubble repair: Vineet Singh
 Intrax springs install: Phil Nguyenn
 K&N FIPK install: Alan Sheffield (MI3SI)
 Krank Vent install: Glenn Cope
 LED brake light repair (Stealth): Bob (rbedrock)
 LED (interior lights) modification: Antoni Koziol
 Lifters (DOHC hydraulic lash adjusters) install (1.8 MB Word doc): Brad Wright
 Maintenance software: Dan Mecier

 Manuals on CD! by Vinny Singh 

 Oil pressure and temp sensors install: Erik Gross
 Oil pump replacement: Antoni Koziol
 Passenger-door button illumination: 3000GT Online
 Performance tuning the MMC 3.0L SOHC V6: anonymous
 Pioneer CD changer with '95-'96 Infinity head units: Thomas Wahjudi
 Paint Chip Repair: Larry Reynolds
 Polishing: Jeffrey Young
 Polishing: John Monnin
 Polished engine parts: Dave Best
 Polishing aluminum: Rob Robinette
 Precat gutting, jacking points, revitalizing trim, more: Amahoser
 Precat gutting, ATR downpipe install: Michael Bulaon
 PRO-M installation on '94 Stealth TT: Andrew T. Brunner
 PST carbon-fiber propeller shaft: Erik Gross

 Repair Center (maintenance & repair) by John Adams 

 Rubber Ducky Racing (maintenance & repair) by Erik Gross  - lots of good stuff here!

 Seat belt, rear sway bar (FWD): Cris Hannu
 Shock tower brace: Erik Gross
 Snake eyes mod: Alan Sheffield
 Snake eyes mod: Jeff VanOrsdal
 Snake eyes, launching, synthetic oil, engine cutaway, more: Glenn Cope
 Spark plugs (non-turbo): Erik Gross
 SRS Diagnostic Using DRBII: John Monnin
 Starter: Erik Gross
 Stereo 6-pin to RCA: Jeff Crabtree
 Strut tower brace - front: Erik Gross
 Strut tower brace - rear: Erik Gross
 Strut tower brace: Bob Forrest
 TD05 clocking: Geoffrey Lehv
 Technical Service Bulletins (Stealth): Santo Nucifora
 Technical Service Bulletins: Team3S
 True snakes eyes: Vineet Singh
 Turbo (TD05) rebuild: Tom Stangl
 Turbo installation tips: Bob Melton
 Turbo remove & replace guide: Errin Humphrey
 Turbo timer install: Erik Gross
 Ultimate car stereo: Eric Bowden
 Wheel Guide for 3S cars: Justin Lim
 Wheel (Stock) Fitment Guide for 3S cars: gwurst
 Wheel stud replacement (front & rear): Antoni Koziol
 Wideband O2 sensor - DIY:
 Window regulator repair: John Davidson

Fun Stuff
 3000GT & Stealth Collectibles by Eric Bowden
 3000GT & Stealth Production Numbers by Eric Bowden
 3000GT & Stealth Production Numbers by Michael Reid
 3000GT & Stealth Story Teller (production info) by Eric Kilfoil
 3000GT VR4 Spyder Mega Literature Site by Jeff Mulligan
 3S 1/4 mile records by Team3S
 3S 1/4 mile records by
 3S Prod. Numbers and Tribute to 1996 Stealth TTs by Joe Gonsowski
9th Annual DSM/3S Shootout by Joe Gonsowski
1st An. Nat. Gathering Drag Race by Joe Gonsowski
 Acceleration Nation - 13 fastest street cars
 Automobile Performance Central (0-60 & ¼ mile times)
 Bee Racing's GTO
 Car Stuff Links
 Case Dismissed - How to beat your speeding ticket by Jeff Mulligan - Car posters, books, literature
 Emissions Legal Exhaust Modifications - Are there any? by Tom Jagiella
 Fastest Muscle Cars by
 Gasoline and Crude Oil Prices Since 1920
 Mitsubishi Products GTO Page
 History of Mitsubishi vehicles (1917 to present)
 Race Track Locator
 Sounds of F1 engine racing
 The Wheel Weight Page
 Ticket Assassin
 Top 100 Auto Performance Sites
 Turbo Club
 Wheels for VR4s and TTs

Other Marques
This is a new section devoted to other makes and models. It will take me a while to populate it. I want to focus mostly on the other Japanese turbo models produced around the same time that the 3000GT VR4 and Stealth TT were made. However, all makes and models will be considered. If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com.
 '93 Toyota Supra NA-T Conversion by Dave Henry
 Hu Kent
 Toyota 2JZGTE & C20LET (and turbo stuff)
 History of the Skyline GTR (1957 - 1999)

Auto Parts - New
These dealers offer 20% to 25% club discounts. Be sure to mention Team3S or 3SI. Hopefully this list will keep expanding. If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com. Please email me if you know of Australian or Japanese Mitsubishi dealers than will ship to the USA. They can get internal Getrag parts and Australian/Japanese-only parts (brake proportioning valve, power folding side mirrors, rear garnish panel, MR gearing, etc.)

First Team Mitsubishi, formerly
Capital City Mitsubishi, formerly
Tallahassee Mitsubishi
2417 W. Tennessee St.
Tallahassee, FL 32304
Great prices!
Norco Mitsubishi
Corona, California

Great prices!
Walker's Renton Mitsubishi
200 South Grady Way
Renton, WA 98055
7:30-5:30 PST M-F
Great prices!
Sunrise Mitsubishi
4000 Sunrise Hwy
Oakdale, N.Y. 11769
631-589-7601 (parts)
Conicelli Parts Center
1200 Ridge Pike
Conshohocken, PA 19428
No longer sells Mitsu parts
(but sells the Supra pump cheap)
Lou Fusz Mitsubishi
15978 Manchester Rd.
Ellisville, MO 63011
Rockville Mitsubishi
15531 Frederick Road
Rockville, MD 20855
Libertyville Mitsubishi
1119 South Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048
wholesale prices
Collins Mitsubishi
5155 Pike Plaza
Indianapolis, IN 46254
800-440-9821; 317-293-8060
Bellevue Mitsubishi
12224 Bel Red Rd
Bellevue, WA 98005
Front desk: 425-454-2100
West Broad Mitsubishi
7100 West Broad St.
Richmond, Virginia 23294
Discount Dodge Parts
Check out these online sites!
Parts and Accessories
World Parts Center 2000
Parts Train

Auto Parts - Used
If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com.
Junk Yard Dog
These search engine sites
will find you LOTS of yards
with the parts you need!
M & S Recycling
3590 Sunrise Blvd., #1
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
10% off all used purchased
parts when you mention
this add!

Tell Jose you saw it here!
Mitsubishi parts specialists
Foster Auto Parts, Inc.
10355 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR 97266
East Street Automotive
801 East Street
Memphis, TN 38104
New Castle Auto Wrecking
2627 Ellwood Rd.
New Castle, PA 16101
ask for Chuck
Arkansas All Mitsubishi
7101 Hwy. 70
N. Little Rock, AR 72117
MAG Auto
Merasian Auto Parts
9289 Woodbridge
Zeeland, MI 49464
Woodfins Used Auto Parts
12910 Genito Road
Midlothian, VA 23113
888-883-4466, Ext. 234
eBay Motors Store
Impossible Auto Parts
John Hubertz
2816 Palisade Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
On-line Classifieds
     and Auctions

Getrag Transmission & Drivetrain Parts - New & Used
This section is concerned with the Getrag transmissions (transaxle and transfer case) in the AWD turbocharged models (3000GT VR4 and Stealth R/T Twin Turbo). The FWD non-turbo models use a transaxle built by Mitsubishi. Parts for the Mitsubishi-built FWD transaxle are readily available from dealers. Mistubishi and Dodge dealers, in North America, do not sell the internal parts for Getrag transaxles. If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com. Also, please email me if you know of Australian or Japanese Mitsubishi dealers that will ship to the USA. They can get internal Getrag parts and Australian/Japanese-only parts (brake proportioning valve, power folding side mirrors, rear garnish panel, MR gearing, etc.)

For up-to-date information regarding our Getrag transmissions read the threads below at

For 18- and 25-spline 300m output shafts and 18 and 25 spline transfer case input spools, contact Travis at Mark Williams Enterprises, phone: 800-525-1963 or 303-665-6901.

Kormex Transmission Parts
2020 S. Vineyard Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761
800-429-5464; 909-947-0569
ask for Frank Martin
New and rebuilt Getrag transmissions
   and transfer cases
Synchros, output shafts, posi front diff!
Pampena Motrosports
1743 Julia Goldbach Ave.
Ronkonkoma, NY
Services 3S Getrag transaxles.
Auto Sports Unlimited
200 N. Franklin, Suite 100
Zeeland, MI 49464
Rebuilt Getrag transmissions
   and transfer cases
hardened output shafts
Autocraft Industries, formerly
Component Remanufacturing
  Specialists, Inc. (CRS)

Oklahoma City, OK
Autcraft no longer sells Getrag parts!
Mentor Mitsubishi
9090 Mentor Avenue
Mentor, OH
Willing to order Getrag parts
from Japan.
Shepherd Racing
2446 Manchester Rd. NW
North Lawrence, OH
Rebuilds 3S Getrag transaxles.
Supercar Engineering
Troy, MI 48083
ask for Philip Glazatov
Many parts available
Drivetrain Specialists
3852 Pioneer Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Some parts available.
Southern Gear
4369 West Atlanta Road
Smyrna, GA 30080
Some parts available.
Standard Transmission & Gear
1000 N.E. 29th
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Some parts available.
Transmission Depot
460 E Copans Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
ManTrans LLC
4920 Woodlane Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Rebuilds 3S AWD and FWD
WARNING! Avoid the trany shops below
Based on reports from 3S owners, it is
strongly recommended that the
transmission shops below be avoided!

Standard Transmission (Kingsville, MD)
Transmission Mart (Winter Haven, FL)
MD Auto (Alpine, CA)
Gilarno's (Freedom, PA)
  Getrag parts might be available
from some Mitsubishi dealers in
Australia. Check there also for
Japan-only parts.

Let me know of specific dealers
that will work with us in the USA.

Engine Control Module Repair
If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com. Go to the links below for some information on why the ECM can fail (capacitors) and how to recognize ECM problems.

The information in this paragraph comes from Stealth TT owner Max Taylor. Max replaced the leaking capacitors on the ECU and yet still had a problem with no spark to cylinders 1 and 4. He traced the problem to a lack of signal coming from pin 3 on the small vertical board on the ECU. Max found a place that was aware of this problem and knew how to fix it. Contact information is below. Thanks Max!!

Whetstone Auto & Truck Salvage
24616 Pleasant Ridge Road
Winona, MN 55987
(800) 328-7759

Black Flag Racing
389 Crandall Dr NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
M-F 8A-6P, Sat 10A-2P CST
J.A. Wieman
Foreign Auto Computer
9403 N. 14th St.
Tampa, FL 33612
Automotive Computer Supply

15255 Gulf Fwy 121-C
Houston, TX 77034
AvPro Company
PO Box 6612
Ft. Myers, FL 33932
Full Logic
6350 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115
866-326-7324; 858-486-0527
Auto & Truck Electronics
4433 10th Ave. North
Lake Worth, Florida 33461
800-257-3395; 561-642-7917
Our ECMS Company
450-171 Stephenson Road
Duryea, PA 18642
ZDR Electronics
2702 Pemberton Dr.
Apopka, FL 32703
800-977-3724; 407-423-5253
Auto Computer Exchange
5414 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33314
888-664-8787; 954-983-4948

ISC/IAC Servo Motor - New and Rebuilt
If you have an addition or correction for this section, send an email to jlucius at stealth316 dot com. Go to my web page 2-isc-iac.htm for more info about the ISC/IAC servo motor. This servo is controlled by the ECU/ECM to manage the amount of air that bypasses the throttle plate. This servo wears out over time (maybe between 50,000 and 100,00 miles?). If the internal coils are partially or completely shorted (that is, if low resistance is measured across the coils), it is possible that the ECU/ECM can be damaged. Current comes from the MFI relay (after a 20-A fuse) and the ECU is not well protected from excess current in case of a short.

For a new, factory servo:
Tallahassee Mitsubishi
Norco Mitsubishi
And other discount Mitsubishi
      dealers listed above
For a new, Mitsubishi servo:
DSMISC Automotive
The lowest price for a
      new replacement.
For a new, SMP servo:
Rock Auto
The second lowest price for a
new replacement.
Select your year and model
Mitsubishi car, and enter AC99
in their parts search text box
near the upper right corner.
Auto Computer Supply

I'm not sure if these servos
      are new or rebuilt.
For a rebuilt servo:
Foreign Auto Computer

These speed shops know our cars!
Images and artwork in the sections below belong to the companies represented or their assignees and all rights are reserved to them.

3SX Performance
3SX Performance

Supercar Engineering
Supercar Engineering

Pampena Motorsports
3S Motorsports

DN Performance
DN Performance

Automotive Repair and Maintenance Web Sites

AA1Car Automotive Diagnostic & Repair Help

About Auto Repair

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