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3SI goes to the DSM Shootout 2001 by Eric Bowden
The 3S National Gathering 2003 pics by Eric Bowden
The 3S National Gathering 2004 pics by Eric Bowden
Stealth 316 engine removed and torn apart - October 1997 (400 KB)
Stealth 316 engine/transaxle before installation - August 1998 (100 KB)
Stealth 316 engine installation - August 1998 (200 KB)
Mitsubishi 3000GT artwork

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Car pic 9 Car pic 10 Car pic 11 Car pic 12
Car pic 5 Car pic 6 Car pic 7 Car pic 8
Stealth 316 right front (20) Stealth 316 left side (1) Stealth 316 right front (19) Stealth 316 left front (18)
Car pic 4 Car pic 2 Car pic 3 Car pic 1
Car pic 13      
Engine pic1 (129 KB) Engine pic2 (133 KB)  Engine pic3 (128 KB) Engine pic4 (125 KB) Engine pic5 (119 KB)
Richard Petty Driving Experience CO Gathering 2000 pic 1 Gauges - A-pillar, column Car front end with GT1 wheels

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