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I bought my 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo in June 1997 to have as a second car. It had about 53,500 miles on it. The body was in less than average shape for a 5-year old car, even for one driven through four Colorado winters. Every panel had a scrape, chip, nick, or ding, but nothing major (except perhaps the rear bumper). The inside was near perfect. Mechanically, to me, the car seemed sound; everything worked, no strange sounds, no bad habits. I paid $12,000 to the original owner. It turned out that was maybe $6,000 too much. I knew I had a bit of a fixer-upper, but never did I anticipate how much of one.

I was aware of the car's potential but I had planned on enjoying the car for a while before modifying it. I would get the body fixed up first then start modifying it for performance. Those plans changed on August 13, 1997, about two months and 1,000 miles after buying the car. The engine developed a rod knock (one day after the 5-year warranty was up). Rather than let a dealer swap-out the short block or just sell the car "as is", I decided to make a long-term committment, as you can see below. My goal is a 500-HP daily driver.

To make a long story of a frustrating and sometimes depressing experience very short, I got my car back from the engine builder after 16 months in January 1999. After having to unexpectingly spend $10,000 on the engine, the car was still far from "right" and still needed many performance modifications. I had taken advantage of the engine being out to upgrade some parts such as turbos and the intercooler system and to add EGT probes (expenses in addition to the engine rebuild cost). However, I had decided to postpone the body work until I had the car in the mechanical condition I wanted.

The list below shows that I have been able to accomplish many of the modifications I wanted to do to this car. I even managed to replace some body panels and improve the paint's appearance. Still, a complete stripping, repair, and painting of the body is somewhere in the future. I don't have my 500-HP car yet but I am close (is a 400-HP daily driver close?). I just need to do a little more tuning and tweeking and add just a few more mods ... . In addition to the links at the end of many of the list items, my Garage Page documents many of the repairs and upgrades. For the price of many of the upgrades go to my web page 2-basicupgradecosts.htm.

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